Organized crime is rampant in the United States.  It is growing and getting worse all the time.  It costs the commoner billions of dollars each year.  It steals property, rewards criminal activity, and destroys lives.  No, it is not the Mafia or the illegal drug trade.  It is our illustrious U.S. “justice” system.  As I prove in chapter 1 of my second book, it is in fact the world’s largest crime syndicate.  This post will discuss two idealistic ways—although unachievable without significant public outcry—that it can be defeated.

Sometimes, we think, modernization of travel, living accommodations, and other such luxuries mean that life is better now than it was in the early days of America.  This might be true for many things, but not for others—private prosecutions being one of them.

Restore Private Prosecutions

Like many things in this world, such as ownership of land, company type, and educational institutions, prosecutions can be either public or private.  During colonial times of this country, things were much better for the average person because there was a viable option to prosecute someone criminally without being dependent upon a public prosecutor to act.  Anyone could prosecute a criminal.  While fragments of private prosecution still exist here in the United States, they are largely defunct since the role once available to the commoner has been mostly blocked by the syndicate and reserved only to its public officials—prosecutors/district attorneys.

One thing that the glorified (often unelected) lawyers in black gowns love to do all day long is commit crimes.  Keep in mind that it happens far more often than people think for two reasons: people who've not yet been victimized trust the syndicate, which is a big mistake, and many individuals don't know the rules and laws and therefore don't know when the syndicate is breaking them.

Private prosecutions would be ideal for prosecuting judicial actors because the syndicate is extremely reluctant to turn on its own brethren and because they know they will easily get away with it.  The public, on the other hand, who are often victimized by these criminals, would do well with private prosecutions since they would not normally have any other channel of redress open to them.  We talk about the uselessness of oversight organizations in our first book, Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor.

One reason, besides being political, for the lack of interest in prosecuting criminal actors within the syndicate is that if all the miscreants were incarcerated for their misconduct, prisons would literally have to be emptied in order to make enough room to contain all of them.  The entire syndicate would collapse because of the vacuum created by removing all of its bad elements.  It would be like nothing seen before in human history.

Abolish Immunity

The other factor that impedes true justice and allows the syndicate to flourish is the judicial doctrine of “immunity.”  This is something our wonderful glorified lawyer-criminals in black gowns have bestowed upon themselves.  There is nothing whatsoever about it in the Constitution.  Even if private prosecutions were restored in full, they would be useless if immunity still exists.  The only kind of immunity that should be available to anyone is immunity from infectious disease.  One could argue, of course, that our legal system is an infectious disease—which it is—and immunity from it would be a godsend to John Q. Public.

Because of immunity, judicial actors are allowed to commit crimes and destroy lives unfettered.  They do this every day in every court in every state across the land—and it is repulsive.  Regarding the approximately 30 legal battles in which I’ve been (reluctantly) involved, the 85+ “judges” in 20 different physical courts in 6 different states are criminals who belong in prison—with the possible exception of only a handful or two.  They have ruled against me sixty-nine consecutive times whenever I have been opposed or filed a new case in order to protect other criminal syndicate friends of theirs.  Some of the evildoers are listed in my second book and are on full display at www.oais.us/hall.php.

To put into perspective just how ridiculous this is and how unlikely that many consecutive rulings are without nefarious actions by the perpetrators, chances of such rulings purely happening naturally and without bias or external influence are absurdly improbable—specifically, 1 in 590,295,810,358,705,651,712, or less than 0.0000000000000000002 percent.  Hitting Powerball is relatively easy since the chances of winning that jackpot are 2,020,168,060,828 times greater because they are only 1 in 292,201,338.  Considering that the chances of getting killed by a falling satellite are 1 in 21 trillion (28,109,324 times greater) and taking a 100-question multiple-choice quiz by purely guessing on every single question, yet getting all the answers correct, are 1 in 750 trillion (787,061 times greater), no doubt remains that the events in my legal battles have been rigged right along.

Although it shouldn't, immunity prevents these criminals from being accountable for their crimes.  Keep in mind that I’m not talking about them fining someone $1,000 for speeding when the law limits fines to $250 or wrongly incarcerating someone for three days.  I’m talking about major impacts to a person: them stealing $1 million in money and property and forcing the person to be (unjustly) dependent upon the taxpayer to survive, for example.  Losing a life would be at the extreme end of the scale, which would have happened in the notorious criminal case underlying Fields v. Wharrie if the syndicate had gotten its corrupt way and has happened in the past.


We as a nation need to contact and pressure our elected officials in Congress to institute changes that would make members of the syndicate liable for their wrongdoing and criminal misbehavior.  In addition to the remedies outlined in chapter 7 of Our American Injustice System, one of which already includes abolishing immunity, we should restore private prosecutions, if only for judicial actors who would not normally be touched by their associates in public office.  If we don’t act today, it will only get worse tomorrow.

Don’t be delusional by believing that any oversight group will come to my rescue—or to yours someday when you are negatively impacted by the criminals within the syndicate.  Notice I said when and not if.  I virtually guarantee you will be struck with this disease—perhaps to a lesser degree, but impact by it is unavoidable.  One of my favorite slogans is: “The U.S. legal system will never attack you or your family.....until it does.”