Had John F. Kennedy been re-elected, the CIA had more to lose than any other intelligence agency.  Kennedy forced Allen Dulles, Richard Bissell, and Charles Cabell all to resign by 1962.  The CIA had surveilled Lee Oswald for at least four years prior to JFK’s assassination yet claimed they had no idea who he was.  Documents prove he was a CIA agent and an FBI informant.  Even after the assassination the CIA still had control of all intelligence since Allen Dulles, who hated JFK with a passion was placed on the Warren Commission by LBJ.  Had JFK lived, there probably would not be a CIA as we know it.

After the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion which he inherited and was coerced into, JFK was furious with the CIA.  Privately he said, “They have lied to me for the last time, I’m going to break the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind.”  He subsequently fired Alan Dulles, Richard Bissell, and forced Charles Cabell to retire.  Of extreme interest, Cabell’s brother, Earle, was the Mayor of Dallas on November 22, 1963, and recently released files have shown that he too, was a CIA contract agent beginning on October 17, 1956.  His 201 File was released in the mid 1990’s after the Assassinations Records Review Board was formed.  This information was available to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, but for some unknown reason they refused to release the files proving he was a CIA contract agent.

Former CIA agent and convicted Watergate conspirator, E. Howard Hunt confirmed his role as benchwarmer and named others involved in the assassination of President Kennedy during his deathbed confession to his oldest son, Saint John.  Hunt also implicated the following people as main players in the assassination:

  • Cord Meyer—CIA agent, architect of the Operation Mockingbird disinformation campaign and husband of Mary Meyer, who had an affair with JFK.
  • David Atlee Philips—CIA and Bay of Pigs veteran. Recruited William Harvey (CIA) and Cuban exile militant Antonio Veciana.
  • William King Harvey—CIA and Bay of Pigs veteran. Connected to Mafia figures Santos Trafficante and Sam Giancana.
  • Antonio Veciana—Cuban exile, founder of CIA-backed Alpha 66.
  • Frank Sturgis—CIA operative, mercenary, Bay of Pigs veteran, and later Watergate figure.
  • Marita Lorenz—CIA operative, associated with Frank Sturgis in both Dallas and Miami.
  • David Sanchez Morales—CIA hit man, Bay of Pigs veteran. Morales was very likely involved with the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.
  • Lucien Sarti—Corsican assassin and drug trafficker, possible “French gunman Grassy Knoll” (second) shooter.

Knowing that his passing was imminent, Howard summoned Saint to Miami and shared a few secrets he’d been keeping for many years.  Howard had spent 33 months in prison for his role in the Watergate Scandal, and admitted in his 2007 Rolling Stone interview, “I had always assumed, working for the CIA for so many years, that anything the White House wanted done was the law of the land.”  Saint wanted to ask his Father about the JFK assassination, but he had to tread carefully, just like his father, in asking for details.  His Father had always denied any involvement.  He also had kept this information from his wife, Laura, and his second family.

Howard asked Saint for a diet Root Beer and a pen and paper.  They were alone in his bedroom.  If Laura arrived, they could terminate their conversation without her knowing what was being discussed.  After years of denying involvement, Howard started writing down the names of men who had participated in the plot to kill the President.  He told St. John about his involvement and how he had lied during two Federal investigations.  The following paragraphs are taken directly from the nearly nine hours of cassette tapes that Saint John recorded with his father, E. Howard Hunt in his own words.  It is his deathbed confession.

“I heard from Frank (Sturgis) that LBJ had designated Cord Meyer Jr., to undertake a larger organization while keeping it totally secret. I think that LBJ settled on Meyer as an opportunist like himself, and a man who had very little left to him in life ever since JFK had taken Cord’s wife as one of his mistresses. I would suggest that Cord Meyer welcomed the approach from LBJ who was after all only the Vice President at that time and of course could not number Cord Meyer among JFK admirers; quite the contrary.” The tape continues.

“As for Dave (Atlee) Philips, I knew him pretty well at one time. He worked for me during the Guatemala project. He made himself useful to the agency (CIA) in Santiago, Chile where he was an American businessman. In any case his actions, whatever they were, came to the attention of the Santiago station chief and when his resume became known to people in the Western Hemisphere division, he was brought in to work on Guatemalan operations.”

Sturgis and Morales and people of that ilk, stayed in apartment houses during preparations for ‘The Big Event.’ Their addresses were very subject to change so that where a fellow like Morales had been one day, you’d not necessarily associated with that address the following day. In short, it was a very mobile experience.” Hunt then discusses plans with Alpha 66 in Miami.

“Let me point out at this point, that if I wanted to fictionalize what went on in Miami and elsewhere during the run up for ‘The Big Event,’ I would have done so, but I don’t want any unreality to tinge this particular story or the information I should say. I was a benchwarmer on it, and I had a reputation for honesty. I think it’s essential to refocus on this information, that I’ve been providing you (Saint John) and you alone by the way, consists of. What is important in the story is that we backtrack the chain of command up through Cord Meyer and laying the doings at the doorstep of LBJ. He in my opinion had a maniacal urge to become President. He (LBJ) regarded JFK, as he was in fact, an obstacle to achieving that. He could have waited for JFK to finish out his term and then undoubtedly a second term. So that would have made LBJ at the head of a long list of people who were waiting for a change in the Executive Branch.

Everette Howard Hunt Jr. died in Miami on January 23, 2007 at the age of 88.  Although they are not listed directly in this chapter, as of 2022, the National Archives still claim the files on E. Howard Hunt, Anne Goodpasture, and Yuri Nosenko cannot be released.

According to Jefferson Morley (JFKFacts.org), E. Howard Hunt has six files containing 332 pages of material in the National Archives online JFK database.  According to the National Archives’ online JFK database, the CIA has a 286-page file of Goodpasture’s operational activities that have never been made public and 36 files on the interrogation of Nosenko, amounting to 2,224 pages of material that has never been released to the public.

Former President and CIA Director George H.W. Bush also had some interesting connections to JFK’s assassination, primarily his association with George DeMohrenschildt and DeMohrenschildt’s affiliation with Lee Harvey Oswald.  Both DeMohrenschildt and Bush were members of the Dallas Petroleum Club.  In June 1963, DeMohrenschildt and his wife were living in Haiti.  After the assassination, they gave a deposition at the Haitian Embassy stating, “we did know him (Oswald), and we were aware of the fact he owned a rifle.  We would be happy to testify what we knew about him and about our relationship with him and his wife.  But we did not believe he was the assassin.”

DeMohrenschildt’s name surfaced again during the House Select Committee on Assassinations.  Concerned about testifying, he wrote a letter to George H.W. Bush, then Director of the CIA on September 5, 1976. The letter stated,

“Maybe you will be able to bring a solution to the hopeless situation I find myself in. My wife and I find ourselves surrounded by some vigilantes; our phone is bugged; and we are being followed everywhere. Either the FBI is involved in this, or they do not want to accept my complaints. We are driven to insanity by the situation. I have been behaving like a Damn fool ever since my daughter Nadya died from cystic fibrosis over three years ago. I tried to write, stupidly and unsuccessfully, about Lee H. Oswald and must have angered a lot of people I do not know. But to punish an elderly man like myself and my highly nervous and sick wife is really too much. Could you do something to remove the net around us? This will be my last request for help, and I will not annoy you anymore.”

Director Bush responded by sending a letter back to DeMohrenschildt.  In the letter, Bush does not answer any of his questions and merely glosses over the complaint.  Bush claims that DeMohrenschildt’s Warren Commission testimony has long since subsided and claimed that the FBI was not investigating him.  Bush continues in the letter and states, “I can only speculate that you have become ‘newsworthy’ again in the renewed interest in the Kennedy assassination and, thus, may be attracting the attention of people in the media.”  Just like Dulles and the Warren Commission, Bush was in place in the CIA to deflect any investigation into the Kennedy assassination during the HSCA hearings.

Needless to say, there is a wealth of circumstantial evidence suggesting that rogue members of the CIA had the motives, means and opportunity to assassinate JFK.  The files of the Assassinations Records Review Board were scheduled to be released October 26, 2017, but have been delayed several times by two different administrations, both Republican and Democrat.  Obviously, the CIA is still pulling the strings of the puppets who reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!


The preceding is an excerpt from Gary Fannin's book JFK—Marked For Death, which is highly recommended for those who want to dig deeper than the official narrative.  More can be found at thejfkassassination.com. If the mountains of evidence are actually examined, then the report provided by the Warren Commision becomes laughable.  The government lied to us in the middle of the last century and continues to lie to us today.