I often tell people who think they know how corrupt our legal system is that they really have no clue just how off-the-rails corrupt it really is.  I tell them to imagine how possibly corrupt they think it could be, and once they have that thought in their head, multiply it by three, and that’s how corrupt the world’s largest crime syndicate truly is.

What you’re about to read could be part of the script for a Hollywood fantasy movie, or more appropriately, a Hollywood horror flick.  If you thought the nefarious activity I’m about to reveal is relegated to third-world countries—that it could not possibly happen here in Amerika—you’d be mistaken.

My most recent sordid saga began a few years ago.  In 2020, in an attempt to block the theft of my mother’s condo valued at $300,000+, which was being seized to pay a $30,000+ fraudulent debt that Joseph Leonard Michaud created against me by falsifying records and committing perjury, fraud, and several state and federal felonies, I filed bankruptcy.  In order to block justice (again), he contacted the trustee’s office and asked them to prevent the discharge so that he could keep what he had stolen.

Instead of reporting Michaud to the authorities so he could be prosecuted and thrown in prison where he belongs, the lawyer for the U.S. trustee’s office, Kristin Tavia Mihelic, willingly became a part of the conspiracy and who then herself violated several federal criminal statutes: 18 U.S. Code sections 4, 152, 157, 241, 1001, 1018, 1341, 1349, 1503, 1505, 1512, 1519, 1621, 1623, 3057—possibly others—and committed numerous state crimes.

The case made its way through all levels of the syndicate including the U.S. Supreme Syndicate.  It is at this point that I learned something quite interesting about the case.  The syndicate sealed all the associated court records.  This was done without notification to me or any known member of the public.

I’ve called two judge’s chambers more than 2,500 times over the last year or so asking for justice and for them to stop committing crimes against me.  Apparently, they don’t like that.  They also don’t like the fact that the court record for case 20-90093-CL is replete with evidence of at least fifteen federal crimes—no less than thirteen of them being felonies—that can’t be reasonably denied because the evidence is plainly apparent in the court record itself.....the one that they are trying their damndest to hide.  They probably like even less that I am now calling an additional handful of judges multiple times daily.

Rather than prosecuting many evil individuals—most of whom are unelected lawyer-criminals in black gowns—one or more lawyer-criminal in a black gown must’ve said, “Hey, this guy Tom is such a thorn in our side.  He’s got all the facts and evidence in his favor.  He always kicks our @ss in every single filing.  And now he calls us every day and floods us with emails because he doesn't like the fact that we keep ruling against him and justice anyway in order to protect our friends.  What can we do to stop him?”  Well, they wouldn't have to try to stop me at all if they had followed the law and hadn't committed any crimes against me, but they refuse to do that!

Another criminal who wears a black gown must’ve said, “How about just sealing the case?”  This is clearly what has happened.  All of my other known cases are easily searchable on pacermonitor.com, but not 20-90093-CL or its associated bankruptcy.  Even though criminal activity has occurred profusely in every single one of those cases, the evidence is not so easily verifiable in the record itself.  As much as they try to bury the truth, this just stokes a bigger fire in me to expose it even more.  I shine a light on their crimes and misconduct in other blog posts, on my websites, and in my second book, Our American Injustice Systemnot only for 20-90093-CL but for every related case in which I've been involved.  Regarding the book, I name names and link each criminal to the crimes he or she has committed.  Regarding my websites, evidence is unequivocal, particularly with 10 lies in just one "ruling," all of which constitute federal felonies—with one carrying a 20-year maximum prison sentence.

I am not sure as of yet which criminal made the decision or which one issued the sealing order, but it could be any of the following or possibly others: Louise DeCarl Adler, Kathryn Elizabeth Hand, Ariane Dominique Vuono, Mary Thomas Sullivan, Gregory Irwin Massing, Linda Lopez, Robert Jay Faris, Julia Wagner Brand, Gary Allan Spraker, Christopher Burrus Latham, Mary Susan McElroy, John James McConnell Jr., William Joseph Kayatta Jr., Gustavo Antonio Gelpí Jr., Jeffrey Robert Howard, Andrea Kneifel Johnstone, Landya Marie Boyer McCafferty, Mark Jeremy Bennett, Eric David Miller, Lawrence James Christopher VanDyke, Leo Theodore Sorokin, David Jeremiah Barron, Lara Elizabeth Montecalvo, Julie Rikelman, or Holly Aiyisha Thomas.

The point of this post is not only to reveal the existence of the now sealed case and that it is brimming with criminal activity, but to reveal to everyday Americans that members of the world’s largest crime syndicate will stop at nothing in order to steer a case in the direction they want it to go.  They will lie, cheat, and steal.  They will break every law in the book.  They will do whatever they can—at all costs—to block justice and will violate the oath they swore: to uphold the U.S. Constitution.  Instead, these criminals use it as a doormat whenever they enter Satan's home, a.k.a. any courthouse in the nation.

To quote page twelve of Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor: “In fact, it is more likely that when any right and just party prevails in court, this does not happen because of the system but in spite of it.”  Glorified unelected lawyer-criminals in black gowns have repeatedly called me a "conspiracy" theorist in their "rulings."  As true with any theory, if the evidence supports the theory, it becomes fact.  As clearly shown in this and previous posts, it would have been more accurate to call me a "conspiracy factist."

The moral of the story here is that you have to be extremely vigilant when fighting these criminals in black gowns.  Expect the unexpected.  Don’t trust the untrustworthy.  Fight the fight.  Never relent.  To you doubters out there: remember that the legal system disease will never attack you or your family.....until it does.  There's no need to take any preventative action whatsoever.