As usual, mainstream media focuses on sensationalism and disregards real news.  The days of true journalism à la Jim Lehrer are long gone.  What happened on May 17, 2024, and during days following is a travesty of justice—but not because the charges against Mr. Scheffler were dropped.

Rewinding to that day, Mr. Scheffler was arrested because he allegedly dragged a police officer with his car, which tore the officer’s pants and caused him enough injury to go to the hospital for examination.  After detailing the events in the police report and other officers confirming what had happened—either at the time by their actions or later by their inactions—the case seemed like a “slam dunk.”  Mr. Scheffler had committed a serious felony and could face prison time.  Soon after the local prosecutor began to sink his teeth into the case and Officer Gillis clearly began to salivate at a multi-figure civil suit that would surely follow on the heels of a criminal prosecution, things began to unravel.

According to the police “report,” Mr. Scheffler “refused to comply and accelerated forward, dragging” Officer Gillis to the ground.  Things seemed to be going swimmingly for Team Cop.  They had written and officially recorded their version of events.  They had all supported their colleague by not contradicting his story.  They had the power of authority behind them.  So far, so good.  Not so fast.....

Unfortunately for them, video surveillance surfaced from a camera mounted on a pole directly across the street from Valhalla Golf Club where these events occurred, which was used presumably to monitor the entrance of the golf course.  The video from this camera clearly shows Mr. Scheffler turning his vehicle left into the golf course entrance and Officer Gillis running full speed after his car in order to intercept it and seems to actually run into it with his body, most likely because he couldn’t slow down in time from such a rapid pace, at which point the vehicle immediately stopped.  It should be noted that Gillis conveniently “forgot” to turn on his body camera during this incident.  

Amazingly, Gillis doubled down after the revelation of the video showing that a false police report had been filed.  He wrote that it was "unfortunate and disturbing" for Scheffler's attorney, Steve Romines, to claim that his client had been falsely arrested and it was a challenge to Gillis's "honesty and integrity."  "To be clear, I was drug [sic] by the car, I went to the ground and I received visible injuries to my knees and wrist," Gillis wrote. "I'm going to recover from it, and it will be ok."

After eating some delicious crow, Team Cop and the equally ambitious prosecution team decided to drop the charges.  They acted like they were doing Mr. Scheffler a favor.  They were actually doing the local taxpayers a huge favor by not wasting their money to prosecute a nonexistent case—a case that any jury would have laughed out of court.

But the bigger question remains: what would have happened had there been no video to contradict the police officer’s testimony?  An even bigger question looms: what do you think has happened years ago when there was no such thing as video footage?  I think we all know the answer to that.  It would have been Mr. Scheffler’s word against a myriad of police—who would no doubt have corroborated Officer Gillis’s version of the events—and Mr. Scheffler would probably have been convicted as the sacrificial lamb.  This would have been the springboard to a huge payday in a civil case against him, a man with rather deep pockets.

The mainstream media and government officials fail to acknowledge that what Officer Gillis did is a felony under KY Rev Stat § 519.040, KY Rev Stat § 519.060, and probably other statutes.  Had he done what he did as a federal officer, it would have been a violation of several felony statutes: 18 U.S. Code § 1001, 18 U.S. Code § 1018, 18 U.S. Code § 1341, and a slew of others.  Ah, you may say, however, “But those laws are only for people who they don’t like and don’t apply to people who they do like.”  To which I would reply, “You are 100% correct.”  When the U.S. legal system has a result that it wants to obtain in any case, it will do whatever it can to obtain that result, including commit crimes.  As have many others whom I know personally, I’ve also experienced this and have written extensively about it in my second book and in various blog posts.  

Unfortunately for countless Americans, there are innumerable bad actors like Officer Gillis out there.  Some wear a blue uniform and have a badge.  Some wear black gowns and have a gavel.  Both commit crimes just as egregiously as Gillis and with impunity.  Such crimes have resulted in the theft of homes, retirement savings, and other major items that many people have worked their whole lives to obtain.  And in an instant—with just a single corrupt ruling—they are stolen without repercussion.

Mr. Scheffler has absolutely no idea how fortunate he was that video footage from across the street was readily available.  He was very gracious with respect to not holding any ill will towards the arresting officer or other officers on the scene who did not properly intervene and prevent the false arrest of Mr. Scheffler.  Mr. Scheffler could afford to be so forgiving because he did not lose anything during this miscarriage of justice—other than perhaps several hours of attorney fees.

Everyday Americans are not quite so lucky.  Both I and dozens of others in my nationwide network of victims have seen and experienced time and again how falsification of records can lead to theft of homes, property, and savings, or even incarceration.  This must stop!  As I write about in my first book, Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor, "It is ironic that any discipline doled out to the lawbreakers in these instances is less severe than it is to the average person when all logic dictates that it should be more severe because they know the law and, criminal defense attorneys excepted, enforce it on unsuspecting citizens every day."

Unless people take a mere modicum of initiative—just a few minutes each week—it will be business as usual.  Actually, conditions here in Amerika will continue to worsen.  Next time, instead of Mr. Scheffler, it could be you.....minus any contradictory video evidence to refute any false claims by members of the legal system.